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8th Grade Tanakh- Fantastic (Jew)Duo

Our First Competition in our Fantasy Jewish Draft is in the World Jewish Tag Team  Competition. Feel free to read more about the history of the WWE tag teams here.

Ranking my top 3 dynamic duos, we have

1) Ax and Smash (Demolition) with the longest reign

2) Earthquake and Typhoon (Natural Distasters) with the best place to win a title (Worcester, MA)

3) British Bulldog and Owen Hart

Let’s get to the matchups. Each student was able to write “Pros” for their own selections and “cons” for other competitors. One key ingredient to Tag Team success is communication. I’ve created the seating at random so that two teams receive a first round bye.

The first round byes are

(1) AL’s team of Bar Kochba (led rebellion, deemed a “hero”, archer) and Ishmael (also an archer, fiery heart, survived in harsh places like the dessert)

(2) JK’s team of Cain (strength and knows how to hunt, but lacks moral fiber) and King Solomon (prophet, war leader, wise man, but may not have been the best of the best when it comes to Kings of Israel)

Round 1

(3) JP’s team of Josephus and Ramses II

Josephus Pros: Defeats Roman Army, Trickster; Ramses II Pros: power, trash talker, “magic”

Josephus Cons: “Betrayal” Ramses II Cons: doesn’t play well with others


(6) AK’s team of Judah Ibn Tibn and Saadya Gaon

Judan Ibn Tibn Pros: Awesome Name

Saadya Gaon: Linguist- good trash talker, “just awesome”

Next matchup:

(4) RM’s team of Cyrus the Great and Sascha Barron Cohen

Pros: (Cyrus the Great)-military experience, persian king, strong (Sascha Barron Cohen)- trash talker, funny, man of many disguises

Cons: (Cyrus the Great)- compassionate (Sascha Barron Cohen)- doesn’t play well with others, inconsistent (with his quality of movies), wild


(5) RS’s team of Eliezer and Hillel ben Elyakim

Pros: (Eliezer)- has endurance, lives in rough terrain (Hillel ben Elyakim)- learned from the best-Rashi, writing skills make him a great smack talker

Cons: (Eliezer)- lives in shadow of Moses

Second round:

RM(4) vs AL(1)

JP (3) vs JK (2)


JP (3) vs AL (1)

In the finals, the tag team of Bar Kochba and Ishmael use their archery skills to take out Josephus and Ramses II. Both of JP’s teammates ended up tricking each other rather than the other team. That’s what happens when you have trust issues!!

Mazal tov to AL on his victory in our first installment of Tag Team Jewo!