Purim Shpiel


Purim Script (songs and dialogue):

Mp3s :

Shpieltime: (Person 1, Person 2, Ensemble)

Oklahoma:  (Person 1, Person 2, Ensemble)

Vashti baby: (King – Hazzan), backup singers

I wouldn’t dance all night (Vashti- Cindy)

Unpopular(Vashti -Jeanine H.)

Wack the Wife (King)

Lucky Ladies Tonight (King )

I just can’t wait to be Queen (Girl 1, Girl 2 – Jennie and Rose)

I feel Pretty (Shirley/Robin/Lois/Aliza/Helen)

Let me entertain you (Girl 3 – Jeanine H.)

Don’t Cry for me Uncle Mordy and What I’d do for love (Esther – Cindy)

Dancing Queen (Female Ensemble- including USYers)

Just a bad guy named (Oscar/Leonard , Ensemble)

Bow Like a Man (Haman)

Anything you can do (Haman and Mordy)

Whatever Haman wants (Haman)

Memory/Internet is for Purim (King -Hazzan) and (Haman)

Impossible Dream (Haman)

Suddenly Esther – (Mordy- Leslie), (Esther)

Won (Ensemble)

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