Song of the Week

Week of Dec 5th

In honor of Jacob wrestling with the angel (Parshat Vayishlach)

In honor of my attending WWE Smackdown this week

Week of Nov 28th

In honor of New Jaguars Owner Shahid Khan (pronounced “Shadkan”)

Shadchan = Matchmaker in hebrew.

Let’s hope he’s a great match!

Week of Nov 7th

Fighting off Pneumonia Shout to the lord:

Hallelujah (1979) – Kobi Oshrat/ Shimrit Or

History of Song


Weeks of Oct 24th and Oct 31st

MJGDS Retreat: Make me a Sanctuary

Jewish camping will never be the same. If only we had these guys on our hike!

Week of October 17th

Song in Gratitude for the Return of Galid Shalit

Biography of Abie Rotenberg


Week of October 10th,

Songs of the High Holidays

Enosh (Psalm 103)- Louis Lewandowski (1821- 1894)

Introduced to the Jacksonville Jewish Center, Yom Kippur Yizkor 5772

Song for the 10 Days of Repentance:

Ba’a Eleichem

Biography of Miri Mesika


Our first installment: Tzair Lanetzach (Forever Young) by Rami Kleinstein

adapted from Bob (Zimmerman) Dylan


Rami Kleinstein Biography

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