Bnai Mitzvah Main Prayer List

Every Day:



opening of the amidah

Friday Night

pg 15 Lchu Neranena

pg 16 Yismechu Hashamayim

Or Zarua(klepper)

lecha dodi

P. 34 V’shamru

P.49- Kiddush 


Shabbat Morning:

p. 151 ashrei

p.153 Mizmor Ledavid (traditional)

P. 182 Ein Keloheinu

P. 183 aleinu

pg 187 adon olam

torah blessings

Torah/Haftarah Trope and Blessings- see trope page here

Opening Blessings For Haftarah (MP3

Closing Blessings for Haftarah (mp3)

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