Ldor Vador Celebration 2014

*If there is no mp3 attached, this means there is no special festival melody for your part

Minhah (begins on p. 226):

Ashrei: MJGDS group – 2nd and 3rd grades
Uva L’tzion- Rachel O
Hatzi Kaddish/Amidah: Josh F
Kaddish Shalom- Reesa Z
Aleynu: BASRS group

Maariv (begins on p. 28):

Barchu and paragraphs on p. 28/29 – Max M
Shema/V’ahavta: BASRS group
Mee Chamocha pg. 32: Sarah M
Hashkiveinu melody Hazzan leads kids

Blessing on p. 33 – Allie I

Vayedabar Moshe/Hatzi Kaddish p. 34-  – Sabrina M

Kaddish Shalem- MJGDS 8th grader- Jilliyn C
Yom Tov Kiddush p. 50- Ben M
Aleynu: MJGDS group – 4th and 5th
Yigdal: Graduates or soon to be of BASRS/MJGDS plus 6th/7th grades

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