Healing Service

Texts we will use for our upcoming Healing service on Yom Kippur:


Elohai n’shama she’natata bi t’hora hi.
Oh Pure Soul Hebrew text
Oh Pure Soul, in you I see endless possibility! (Liturgy)

Va’ani ashir uzecha va’aranayn labokayr chasdecha- Sheet Music
Morning Song Hebrew text
And I will sing Your Glory and I will sing Your Love to the morning. (Psalm 59:17)

Beshem Hashem

B’sheim Hashem elohei yisrael
mimini Michael umismoli Gavriel
Umilfanai Uriel umeachoai refael
v’al roshi shechinat el


In the name of the LORD, God of Israel: On the Right side is Michael, and on my left side is Gabriel, in front of my Uriel and behind me Refael, and above my head is the presence of God.

Prayer for Healing (Todd Herzog):

El na refana la
Refana lanu

Dear God of our ancestors
Help us renew our faith
Grant us a perfect healing
Bring peace to all our days
El na refana la
Refana lanu

Restore our strength of body
Help clarify our minds
Refresh our tired spirits
Rejuvenate our light
El na refana la
Refana lanu

Thank you for all these blessings
Throughout our days and nights
We celebrate the journey
This precious gift of life
El na refana la
Refana lanu

Shivit Havaya

ח  שִׁוִּיתִי יְהוָה לְנֶגְדִּי תָמִיד:    כִּי מִימִינִי, בַּל-אֶמּוֹט.

8 I have set the LORD always before me; surely He is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.
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