Monday Morning Quarterback

This week we began the book of Shemot, the book of Exodus.  Simultaneously, members of the Jacksonville community are praying for a release from the years of AFC South slavery to the freedom that comes with a division crown.

As we already begin thinking of next weeks football matchups, there are new possible Exodus stories.  One seems much more far-fetched (my favorite Yiddish word), but for Jags fans, I hope its the story told to later generations.

The Israelites left Egypt by foot, not by magic carpet ride.  It’s the ground game that got them out of futility.  Who can be that leader of the ground force? Why Moshe of course! You may know him as Maurice  Jones- Jew.

The Exodus narrative includes another set of players who helped us overcome Pharaoh (Peyton).  This year, the story would not be the same without an Oakland Raider team that can play spoiler by way of locusts, wild beasts, and a sea of black.  I’m talking about their fans, their owner, their team.  Lets go Raiders!

In tandem, these two stories can lead the Jaguar faithful to a place they’ve longed for for years: a home (game).

Should but one fail, we might encounter a simpler yet sadder Exodus tale, one where a native prince returns to his home to set his team free.  Its tough to think of Rex Grossman as Moses.  Lets make sure we don’t have to think of him that way.

May it be your will, G-d and G-d of our ancestors, that we receive good touchdowns of deliverance and consolation. May you lead us from subjugation to redemption.  Amen

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