Torah Thoughts from this Past Shabbat

Here’s some thoughts from this past week’s sermonizing:

Introduction to Torah Reading:

This week’s torah introduction was inspired by a great piece on Parashat Vaera and Environmental awareness/appreciation.

Introduction to Haftarah:

The phrase tanim hagadol, or tannin hagadol, the great sea monster, the serpent or dragon, is also what we might think of as crocodile or Gator. The crocodile was worshipped in Egpyt as a god. In the Haftarah, the term is used to describe Egpyt itself.

The Gators have a tough schedule in this week’s parasha- its one thing to handle Alabama crimson blood, or the wild beasts like the Auburn/LSU tigers, but TCU frogs or Georgia Tech yellow jackets (insects)? Gators can’t handle all of those plagues alongside pestilence (dever) or boils (shechin).  Even if the Egyptian Gators get past the first six tests, that seventh plague, well of course, it’s a Hail (Mary).

Having experienced 7 plagues already in this week’s torah portion, the oracle against Egpyt continues in this week’s Haftarah taken from the book of Ezekiel chapter 28.

Fight Song Trivia:

The following is the fight song for one of two NCAA athletic programs nicknamed the Jaguars, namely the University of South Alabama.  The other school is IUPUI.

We’re the mighty Jaguars
Stand up and cheer,
In our colors we take pride;
On to vic’try lead us year after year
We will stand here side by side.
Through the years we’ve prov’n
Our glory and fame.
Honor be to the victor’s name

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