Mishpatim’s awful pun

Camp Ramah taught me so much about Judaism and how to live and breathe it.  The camping movement also taught me what’s known as “Rega shel ivrit”- a moment of Hebrew.  Using bad puns, I’d like to give an example:

Person 1: Quick Quick, my hair’s on fire!

Person 2: Whatcha talkin about?

Person 1: Quick Quick, myhair’s on fire!

Quick, Maheir, Maheir, Quick. (Maheir means quick in Hebrew)

The puns can go on and on.  But in a weekend when all we get to watch in the football world is the Pro Bowl, I’d like to say that I just really miss my team- be it the Patriots or Jaguars. Hating most of the remaining teams this past weekend, I couldn’t bear to watch any of the games (though I did root for the Packers).  Instead, I practiced my torah reading for this week’s parsha, which discusses God’s ordinances.  I kept thinking, “I need to learn these ordinances, but really missmyteam though.” I really miss my team, but I need to learn these ordinances.  Ordinances, Mishpatim, Mishpatim, Ordinances.  What a rega shel ivrit!

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