Counting The Jewish Athlete (H)Omer Revisited

Last year I compiled a list of the days of the Omer corresponding to famous Jewish athlete jersey numbers. If I had not done so, we would be celebrating Lag Ba’omer as Larry Bird Day and not the greatest #33 Jewish athlete of all time, Gabe Kapler.

Here’s my post from last year:

A few thoughts:

a) A real discredit to those athletes who play sports without official jersey #s- shout out to Swimmers Dara Torres/Mark Spitz/Jason Lezak/Lenny Krayzelburg (amongst others), Gymnast Kerri Strug, Tennis stars Andy Ram and Shahar Pe’er, and Figure Skaters Sasha Cohen/Sara Hughes/Oksana Baiul/Irina Slutskaya

b) How could I omit two great QBS #18 player, Sage Rosenfels and #9 Jay Fiedler My apologies

c) Another omission at #10, Nancy Lieberman

d) Where’s the Jewish hockey presence? Lacking at #23 was Mathieu Schneider

e) Sid Luckman at #42!!!

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  1. If you want Jewish hockey presence, you can go to and get the lineups for Team Israel.

    Click to access IHM2870ISR_33_3_0.pdf

    My picks would be goalies Yevgeni Gusin #20 and Boris Amromin #25 – both of whom have been on the team for almost 20 years (and both are great goalies too!).
    Also a mention to Ran Oz #24 who was a member of the original Team Israel when they first entered international play (although the first time he played I think he had #2).

    And if you want to make your own Jewish hockey history, you can play in the annual Israel Recreational Hockey Association tournament. Check out the website for details.

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