Heat Wave: NBA Finals and Parshat Korach

It’s never safe to get your playoff picks from a torah portion.While various parts of our texts have a clear message, others remain ambiguous.  Two weeks ago, before the NBA Finals, we read about the Israelite movement in Parshat B’ha-alot’cha.  When a cloud covered the tent of meeting, the Israelites moved. When covered in a pillar of fire, the Israelites encamped.  It was difficult to discern the message- which is the more powerful metaphor- to move when the weather isn’t so clear (cloudy), when the path is difficult and uncertain, or that God dwells in the place of fire- aka God is fire.  Both are powerful messages, yet neither tells us who will become NBA Champion, even if the cloud sort of reminds me of Thunder (and we did encounter Thunder a few weeks back as a symbol of God) and we have the Heat on the other side (think pillar of fire).  Both finalists mentioned/referenced, but no clear cut winner.

Bringing us to this week’s parsha.  At first glance, one might mistake Korach for Kerach (same route), aka Ice.  Naturally, we think this must not be the Heat’s week.  Korach, however, leads an unsuccessful rebellion.  Ice is not champion, so we look to something that can thwart ice- HEAT (check out this debate on heat vs. ice)! I hate to say it, but this is Miami’s week.  We will see for certain if they can finish the job tonight.  Otherwise, we get into next week’s torah portion- Chukkat (pronounce the “ch” as “l’chaim”), which could be confused for “chucking it”, something the Heat fans often worry about with regard to the Heat’s offense “chucking” the basketball. Heat in 5.

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