Double trouble in Miami

Today marks the first of the month of Adar Sheini.  As with almost every Rosh Chodesh, we read four aliyot from the book of Numbers, Chapter 28.  These chapters specifically outline the public daily and festival offerings that took place in the sanctuary.

The Miami Heat, in the midst of another dry spell, need to take a look at this special reading.  It appears as if every month the team becomes complacent with their play.  While the team boasts three individuals who’ve achieved superstardom on their own, the young talents need a reminder to play within themselves and to put on a great performance each night.   Looking at this reading in particular, we find the only instance where we are instructed to repeat a verse in the Torah chanting itself.  THe first states, “And you shall say unto them: This is the offering made by fire which you shall bring unto the Lord: he lambs of the first year without blemish, two day by day, for a continual burnt offering.” Nothing crazily out of the ordinary, but given the context of our Miami Heat, it means so much more.  Our higher power is calling for a HEAT index.  If they want to get to the festive offerings, they must first acknowledge the importance of the daily offerings.   The Heat have to realize that these offerings might mean an overtime practice and workload.  These offerings, made by FIRE, are the center and core of our worship.

In Judaism, we are taught to reflect on the past to greater appreciate our future.  When we exclaim “chazak chazak v’nitchazeik”, be strong be strong and we will be strengthened, it is not an immediate turn-the-page moment to our next book of Moses.  In fact, its a calling to look where we’ve come from.  With the end of the regular season winding down, its important to recognize that seeding in the playoffs does matter, that strong team ball is important going into the playoff run.  If the Heat are to succeed, it will be because they realized the importance of making every game matter.  Then their dynasty might be crowned the Aish Tamid, the continual fire.  As our story states, “And the (Chris) Bosh was not consumed!”


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