Tzav and March Madness

In life, we all make sacrifices.  In ancient times, the Israelites, and more specifically the Priests, offered up sacrifices to the Lord.  I can only imagine what an awesome BBQ Jerusalem smelled like.  There were daily sacrifices, holiday sacrifices galore. Each had specific requirements- the animal used, how it was brought to the altar, how it was slaughtered, and of course, how it was eaten.

The offering of thanksgiving is referred to as “zevach todah”.  Accompanied by an offering of bread, the torah stipulates that this sacrifice in particular be eaten in one day.  No leftovers saved for day two, but one day.  Our rabbis interpret this to mean that the todah sacrifices signify an appreciation for a miraculous event.  When something amazing happens, the zevach todah is brought as an offering.  This is a special category of thanksgiving offering.  No benefit is derived, but rather it is pure appreciation for the miracles of everyday life.  Those who consumed the sacrifical offering did so in one day, rather than multiple days, because there is the potential for miracles each and every day.  Savor the tastes of the todah sacrifice because tomorrow a new miracle might take center stage.

As we approach March Madness, let us appreciate each and every moment that makes this tournament so special.  The miracle of the Cinderella team can be appreciated by player and fan alike, and we should give thanks every time out for the opportunities to witness such miracles.  For as the slipper begins to fit on one team’s foot, a new Cinderella appears and we are taken aboard their storyline.  Soak it all up, from the Aggies to the Zags.

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